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Laundry Specialist in Singapore

The Laundry Store is the best choice for those who need laundry services in Singapore. We offer affordable prices and provide a variety of options such as dry clean, wash & iron curtain cleaning, or load washing. Our trained specialists undergo months-long training to ensure high-quality workmanship using durable equipment which helps us maintain long-term relationships with clients while meeting their needs! We understand how important this work is so we do everything in our power just as much care goes into every garment received at one affordable price - guaranteed satisfaction each time.

We are here to make your life easier. Just select the laundry service you want, enter an address, and get ready for a fresh load of clothes! We have years of experience delivering cleanings in all sorts of industries like hotels/motels, nursing homes, dorms and more so don't hesitate on getting us started today with no hassle at all by scheduling collections. Schedule now and get 40% off on your first order!

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