Products using Raw or Bound Phase Change Materials

Products incorporating Phase Change Materials

Based on the extensive experience accumulated during the years , Rubitherm® has developed a very select know-how in the raw and bound phase change materials design and manufacture (such as calibration of the working temperature to customer needs, adaptation of the viscosity, non-flammable long-term stable PCMs, coloring, filling of containers, etc.) as well as in the development of finished product incorporating PCM.

The PCM products developed either seal the phase change material within metallic or plastic structures, or bound it within a secondary supporting structure. This ensures that the phase change material, when in the liquid form, does not leak out of the supporting structure. The result is that the bound phase change material is always a "dry", solid product and liquid handling is eliminated.
Another major advantage is that volume variation due to temperature excursions well above or below the working temperature is largely eliminated, thus ensuring that large quantities of thermal energy can be stored and released at a relatively constant temperature with minimum, or without any, volumetric changes.

We currently offer three distinct PCM products:

  • A range of non-flamable, leak-proof, Aluminium compact storage modules (CSM panel range) with inner and outer anti-corrosion coating
  • Comfort / medical therapy products (Medical Therapy range) which are designed to provide sustained warmth over periods of 1 to 3 hrs
  • Food transport elements (Food Transport range), in various shapes / forms, which provide retention of low or high temperatures over long periods, and in which the PCM material is sealed in Aluminium or plastic profiles, thus ensuring ease of cleaning and safe of use in food transportation

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