Bound / encapsulated latent heat materials

Bound / encapsulated Phase Change Materials

All of Rubitherm® bound / encapsulated phase change materials (PCM's) offer the advantage of maintaining their micro- or macro-scopic solid form during the phase change during energy exchange.

In this range of PCM materials, the latent heat material is bound within a secondary supporting structure. Rubitherm® patented binding / encapsulating mechanism ensures that the phase change material, when in the liquid form, does not leak out of the supporting structure. The result is that the bound phase change material is always a "dry", solid product and liquid handling is eliminated.
Another major advantage is that volume variation due to temperature excursions well above or below the working temperature is largely eliminated, thus ensuring that large quantities of thermal energy can be stored and released at a relatively constant temperature with minimum, or without any, volumetric changes.

In this category of Phase Change Materials, we currently offer three distinct PCM product categories:

  • Rubitherm® PX range of powder PCM materials, with approximately 60% pure PCM compound bounded
  • Rubitherm® GR range of encapsulated PCM materials, with approximative 35% content of pure PCM compound
  • Rubitherm® PK range of powder PCM materials, with a very high content of pure PCM compound. At present this range is still under development, thus not freely available, however you are welcome to contact us if you require further specific information on this range.

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