SP Range of inorganic and organic blend Latent Heat materials

RUBITHERM® SP range of latent heat materials

The creation of the latent heat blends Rubitherm® SP has lead to to a new and innovative class of low flammability PCM.
Rubitherm® SP consists of a unique composition of inorganic and organic compounds. This combination brings together the advantages of both classes of PCM, inorganic based as well as latent heat organic based.

In addition to its low flamability, this range is non-toxic, has a long-life and a stable performance throughout the phase change cycles, and offers high thermal storage capacity (~ 150KJ/Kg).

Inorganic PCM 
Rubitherm® SP is preferably processed into a sustaining and/or absorptive structure (e. g. foams). Material densities of 1,0 kg/l and more can be achieved. And due to its low flammability, these properties make Rubitherm® SP the preferred PCM solution for use in the construction industry.

Passive and active cooling is now possible (e.g., wall-panel elements and panel elements for air conditioners). For more details and examples of its potential applications, please go to our Applications page.

This range of PCM products covers working temperatures from 220C (SP 22 A17) to 290C (SP 29 A15), with 3 distinct PCM products.

For detailed specifications (PCM ST product datasheets and Material Safety data) please click on the following link:
RUBITHERM® SP range. Please note that this link will open into a new window, and will take you directly to the Rubitherm® website.

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