Application of PCM materials and products
There are many possible applications of Rubitherm's PCM raw materials and finished products incorporating latent heat materials in the context of energy conservation / efficient temperature control. Some of these are briefly mentioned below; we are sure that there are many more, the field is just open to your imagination.
We would be happy to work with you and develop / tune specific raw materials or products for whatever your specific requirements or application may be. Please note some of the links below will take you directly to our suppliers website.

  • Air conditioning / climate control installations - this link also shows an excellent example of real-life application of CSM panels in a large building - a botanical glass-house - in Berlin, including detailed temperature control comparison before and after the enhancement of the glass-house internal temperature control using CSM panels. A few examples are shown below:

Air conditioning unit using latent heat PCM materials
Air conditioning unit using latent heat PCM materials

  • Hot / cold transportation of food products - in terms of hot food transportation, guidelines call for self measurement and a strict control of the minimum temperature of 65 °C for heated food. The food delivery iFood transport boxndustry often finds it very difficult to meet guidelines' requirements if, for example, transport is delayed, or the outside temperature is very low or the insulated transport box is opened numerous times to take out meals. Furthermore, overheating and consequently further cooking of food should be avoided. Using Rubitherm® food transport heated elements as in the suggested application shown on the right hand side, it is ensured that the food stays at the right temperature for extended periods of time compared to the current practices.

  • Applications of PCM | Blood transportationCold transportation of medical products - transportation of critical medical products, blood or organs require strict control of storage temperature during transportation; by using PCM materials this requirement can be easily and safely catered for.

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