CSM modules


These CSM modules are made from Aluminium with an inner and outer efficient anti-corrosion coating and can be filled with both organic based and inorganic based PCM materials, providing maximum flexibility to the user depending on intended use. This range of PCM products have outer dimension of 450 x 300 mm and covers working temperatures from -100C to 860C, with 4 distinct modules available off the shelf, as shown below. 

CSM panels containing PCM materials

CSM Panel /

total thickness

Total weight with SP

Approximate stored energy SP 22

Approximate stored


SP 29









Approximate stored



CSM 5/5    

– 10mm

1,4 kg

40 Wh

50 Wh

0,9 kg

24 Wh

35 Wh

CSM 10/0  

– 10mm

1,5 kg

45 Wh

56 Wh

1,0 kg

27 Wh

39 Wh

CSM 10/5  

– 15mm

2,3 kg

80 Wh

99 Wh

1,5 kg

49 Wh

70 Wh

CSM 10/10

– 20mm

3,3 kg

121 Wh

149 Wh

2,0 kg

73 Wh

105 Wh

The core advantages of CSM panels are:    
  • flexible volume and storage capacity with thicknesses from 5 to 27mm available
  • can be filled with RT, RT high capacity (RT HC) and SP PCM materials
  • wide temperature range from -10 to 86°C 
  • stable and rugged casing for maximum resistance to rough conditions and treatment, survives drop test from 3m height
  • excellent heat transfer from environment to the PCM materials through aluminium casing
  • leak proof, 100% tested to ensure pressure tightness
  • anti-corrosion coating inside and outside – usable in most heat transfer media including sea water
  • non-flammable
  • maximal use of available volume and automatic volume adaptation to PCM expansion
  • available in large order quantities
  • easy and fast to clean having smooth metal surface, ideal for HVAC applications
  • flexible surface design and colouring available on request
  • other types are producible by adequate quantities.
The suggested range of applications is:
  • Energy efficient Compact Storage Units
  • Special air / heat Compact Storage for buildings (such as IT rooms, etc)
  • Transport of fragile, temperature sensitive devices, machines and optical equipment
  • Equipment protection from temperature fluctuations that could lead to impairment, damage or de-calibration
  • Integrated solutions in Safety cabinets and building elements like walls, etc.
  • Fire load limit and thermal protection / fuse
  • Radiant panel cooling and heating systems - e.g. cooling ceilings as part of HVAC solutions

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