Raw organic compound Latent Heat PCM range

RUBITHERM® RT range of pure, raw latent heat materials

This range of pure, unbound PCM materials has an important advantage over other organic PCM materials: due to their high purity and special composition Rubitherm PCM's show a distinctive crystallinity. This results in an extraordinarily high heat storage capacity (~175KJ/Kg) in even small temperature ranges.
In addition PCM materials based on organic compounds are non-toxic and non-corrosive, 100% recyclable and thus ecologically friendly.

n-Paraffin raw PCM
The RT range has a long-life and a stable performance throughout the phase change cycles, and is easy to handle and easy to use in a variety of energy management / energy conservation applications. And due to its non-toxic advantage, these properties make Rubitherm® SP the preferred PCM solution for use in applications such as cold / hot food transportation, cold medical storage and transportation, as well as therapeutic applications. Note that carrier-bound / encapsulated PCMs are still an excellent choice for the construction and air conditioning industries, as shown in our Bounded / Encapsulated PCM pages and Applications page.

This range of PCM products is quite broad, and covers working temperatures from -40C (RT -4) to 1000C (RT 100), with 18 distinct PCM products. For detailed specifications (PCM product datasheets and Material Safety data) please click on the following link: RUBITHERM® RT range. Please note that this link will open into a new window, and will take you directly to the Rubitherm® website.

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