Bound powder Latent Heat PX PCM range

RUBITHERM® GR range of blend latent heat granules

The GR range appearance and consistency are that of dry granules, and is based on a composition of organic and ecologically friendly inorganic compounds. The melting point of this type of latent heat storage material is defined by the application. This is a new generation of ecological heat storage PCM material, in which approx. 35 % wt of pure phase change material is bound. Used in thermal energy storage applications, the bound PCM melts and congeals, thus storing and releasing the latent heat associated with the phase change process.

These PCM materials are non-toxic and non-corrosive, 100% recyclable and thus ecologically friendly.

GR Range of encapsulated PCM

The GR range has a long-life and a stable performance throughout the phase change cycles, and is easy to handle and easy to use.

In applications where a rigid board or plate is unsuitable, this material (in its granular form) offers the clear advantage that it can be used to fill containers of any conceivable geometry. The granulated form also provides the large surface area required for effective heat transfer. In addition, different size granules are available.

With its PCM content of approx. 35 %, this range of materials offer a heat storage capacity better than 55KJ/Kg at a relatively constant temperature. Rubitherm® GR range is an excellent solution for electrical and water based underfloor heating systems and latent heat storage elements for food transportation.

One of the many potential applications is also the use as a passive heat storage material, effectively adding thermal mass to buildings constructed of lightweight materials.

This range of PCM products covers working temperatures from 410C (GR 42) to 820C (GR 82), with 6 distinct PCM products. For detailed specifications (PCM product datasheets and Material Safety data) please click on the following link: RUBITHERM® GR range. Please note that this link will open into a new window, and will take you directly to the Rubitherm® website.

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