Latent heat food transport elements

RUBITHERM® GR latent heat food transport elements

These latent heat food transport elements are an excellent supplementary heat source for insulated boxes and bags used to transport hot food. This product uses the GR 80 PCM material, which can be incorporated within various profiles and materials (aluminium or plastic profiles). These elements will considerably improve the temperature retention time within the transportation box, utilising the advantages of the latent heat storage process: high heat storage capacity and nearly constant temperatures during the phase change process.

This PCM-based product is non-toxic and non-corrosive, 100% recyclable and thus ecologically friendly.

Food transport PCM elements

The GR range of active PCM materials has a long-life and a stable performance throughout the phase change cycles, and the food transport elements are easy to handle and use, and allow easy hygienic cleaning.

With its PCM content of approx. 35 %, products in this range offer a heat storage capacity better than 55KJ/Kg at a relatively constant temperature. 

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