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Sydney's Top-choice Architecture Firm

We are a house architects Sydney whose approach, methodology, relationships, and designs are the synthesis of research, cooperation, and vision. They solve the architectural problem to reflect the dreams, practical requirements, and aspirations of our clients.

Roth Architecture does what they can to cultivate professional relationships based solely on knowledge and respect. As a Sydney architect, Roth Architecture is passionate about great designs that bring abstract concepts to life, capturing the imagination and the vision of all of their clients. Roth Architecture is comprised of a team of pragmatic, vibrant, and diligent team of architects and architectural graduates.

Their team excels at creating unique designs and details, working closely with clients to provide designs tailored to the site and its inhabitants, and they provide services that solve architectural problems with the clients' dreams and practical requirements in mind. Roth Architecture helps clients from conception to completion, offering a full range of services that include design development, council approvals, and construction design advice and administration. They enjoy seeing architectural projects through completion.

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