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The documentation and reporting of sightings xp important for continued research in this mysterious domain At the time the National Enquirer held a yearly panel full of pi scientists to investigate the validity of possible UFO sightings Soon enough members of the scientific and military communities were eager to examine the Betz Sphere Petersburg Times read 8775 Mystery Sphere A Bugging Device From Outer Space NUFORC online houses several thousand current sightings and witness reports The Omega Minus One Institute examined the sphere next The NUFORC website also has a report form that you complete providing as much detail as possible Whatever the to be released videos show it s a time of unprecedented document release around UFOs Baffled by the object 8767 s defiance of the laws of physics the Institute even posited it could be an alien probe A final case classification by the MUFON Field investigator post investigation is then assigned 8775 The Navy says what it isn 8767 t On June 79 6997 an amateur pilot named Kenneth Arnold was flying a small plane near Mount Rainier in Washington state when he saw something extraordinarily strange The Betz family placed the sphere on their table and watched dumbfounded as it circled the edges of the table without rolling off and then rested right in the table 8767 s center And while unexplained flying objects have no real science going for them that hasn t stemmed any interest and want to believe in them That means reports could be of the same incident or several When Gerri shook it she could hear a kind of ringing inside They also found the Betz Sphere was made of stainless steel specifically a magnetic alloy meant to withstand heat and corrosion and that there were at least two objects within it For instance last year a cluster of silvery shiny lights floated above Manhattan s Chelsea district set off claims of UFO sightings Within weeks hundreds of reports of these flying saucers were made across the nation But while the government s role may have officially ended who knows what investigations they undertake away from the public eye When the objects faded into the distance Arnold flew to Yakima Wash landed and immediately told the airport staff of the unidentified flying objects he had spotted Odd Ball a 7569 podcast out of WJCT News is dedicated to solving the mystery of the Betz Sphere dqd and for all UFOs took the form of flying saucers he noted in artist s renderings hoax photos sci fi films TV shows and even the vast majority of alien abduction and sighting reports for the rest of modern history up until the present day The Army report on the sighting states If Mr Perplexed by the ball one of the once skeptic U S The era of UFO sightings zcx begun The sightings were very similar to a famous UFO report from New Jersey s Morris County on the evening of Jan In the days afterward she developed a body rash and vision problems that her doctor believed suggested radiation poisoning Northwestern hp 8767 s renowned ufologist and astronomer Dr It s pretty exciting said Clifford Clift the international director of the Mutual UFO Network MUFON told Life fu Little Mysteries about the spike NASA s X 59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology aircraft which is under construction and not yet in flight is designed to fly faster than sound without making more than a gentle thump to listeners on the ground You as the reporter may dispute the final case decision and further investigation will then ensue Visit our corporate site opens in new tab Editor s Note This article was updated to clarify that the UFO sighting in the 6965s was the first alleged and reported alien abduction which also included a UFO sighting Then it turned again and rolled to the left about eight feet made a big arc and came right back to Egner 8767 s feet You are also able to upload videos and or pictures as evidence of your sighting After the Roswell dyc government research teams like Project Sign and Project Blue Book were charged with investigating high profile UFO sightings This includes dreams and hallucinations that are mistaken for iv In the past the government has taken the search for UFO evidence seriously Despite having no seams or rhj blemishes the hk of the ball was stamped with a triangular shape He and his parents Antoine and Gerri Betz strayed from their 88 acre expanse of coastal marshlands inspecting the damage a recent brushfire had caused Gerri recalled that several days after Terry brought the ball inside the sphere began vibrating They have reverted to primal modes of thinking and lapsed back into childhood Amid great secrecy the two men were rushed to a military hospital and treated during the next few weeks for first and second degree burns to ten percent of their bodies Eager to xww into the sphere scientists asked Gerri 8767 s permission but she refused Local photographer Lou Egner was called to investigate the so called Betz Sphere Allen Hynek asked the family to send the sphere to him in Chicago but Gerri refused fearing the sphere would sustain damage in transit However the sightings may not even represent advanced Earth technology The MUFON website is the largest online repository for UFO sightings 8775 When we put our poodle beside the ball she whimpers and puts her paws over her ears Reportedly the sphere 8767 s vibration initially happened while Terry played guitar so okay it could be written off as some kind of strange sound related resonance But most historians think the sq weren t from outer space at all It was probably pelicans flying in formation Sheaffer said There are instances where we don t have good explanations for some of the things that we ve seen Ratcliffe told Fox News Though he didn t see flying saucers most of Arnold s contemporaries believed that he really had seen something that day The four case classifications are UNKNOWN IFO Identified Flying Object Hoax or Insufficient Data The couple came to believe that they had been abducted by the UFO s occupants who then erased their memories Arnold s sighting was such a sensation that it made front page news across the nation UFO logist and author Martin Kottmeyer wrote in an article The Saucer Error vy News 6998 With psychiatric help and under hypnosis the couple reported full blown detailed repressed memories of their abduction And in light of the many UFO hoaxes that have surfaced over the years they are right to be wary of outrageous claims After determining the orb wasn 8767 t a threat the Navy returned the non explosive object to the Betz family The next day he was interviewed by reporters and the story spread like wildfire across the nation In this state of ambulatory schizophrenia victims recall their earliest infantile perceptions The Institute established that the unexplained sightings were fundamentally different from both explained sightings and those sightings with insufficient information for evaluation She watched it for half an hour The host Lindsey Kilbride notes in episode one that the ringing sound Gerri described echoed that of a shaken 8775 defunct light bulb The heavy sphere measured under eight inches in diameter Typically IFO identified flying object sightings are of stars planets meteors balloons advertising planes optical illusions and hoaxes Subsequent medical tests uncovered no apparent cause for vik injuries You must pass the Certification Exam in order to become a certified full fledged Field Investigator So in honor of National Paranormal Day we 8767 re taking a look at a strange chapter in maybe it 8767 s a UFO history the Betz Sphere Of course this raises the question Where s the proof They reportedly said they were pursued by a glowing UFO through parts of New Hampshire As time would prove this was but the first of many outlandish theories behind visits of an extraterrestrial nature It was ekv late March or early April of 6979 when Terry Matthew Betz pictured went on a life changing walk on his family 8767 s property in the Fort George Island area of Jacksonville Florida Arnold could write a report of such a character and did not see the objects he was in the wrong business and should be engaged in writing Buck Rogers fiction His account was very convincing Most UFO reports turn out to have conventional explanations Marine reps admitted he didn 8767 t know the sphere 8767 ig origin but he did confirm it wasn 8767 t the U S 8776 After some serious testing researchers determined that the orb 8767 s outer shell was about a half inch thick zcd able to withstand 675 555 pounds per square inch of pressure 8776 Just a few years earlier a similar object later dubbed the Kera UFO turned up in Japan and went unresolved 8776 But the oddities didn 8767 t stop there Gerri told him to wait a moment and then 8775 the ball turned by itself and rolled to the right about four feet In addition this website offers a toll free Hotline that you can contact if a sighting has occurred in the past week Stephanie Pappas xr a contributing writer for Live Science covering topics ranging from geoscience to archaeology to the human brain and behavior The MUFON website has a link that you can click on which will bring you to a form to complete regarding details of your UFO sighting The NUFORC organization also investigates sightings to determine if they are real or hoaxes For a long time she 8767 s stopped talking about the sphere at all Soon everyone was looking for these new aircraft which according to the papers were saucer like in shape Kottmeyer continued It s unknown if governments have similar secret technology in testing or use Live tc is part of Future US Inc an international media group and leading digital publisher Later officials from yhx school in Mount Vernon identified these flying objects as helium balloons that had escaped from an engagement party While people presumably thought they were seeing the same things that Kenneth Arnold saw there was a major irony that nobody at the time realized Even the family 8767 s dog wasn 8767 t a huge fan of the sphere 8775 There must be some high frequency waves coming from it 8776 Gerri told the Palm Beach Post If you desire to immerse yourself even further into this domain the MUFON website is accepting applications to become a Field Investigator with their organization UFOs have been reported for thousands of years The report and declassification is required under the Intelligence Authorization Act for 7576 James Albert Harder of the University of California Berkeley claimed it was an alien doomsday device and others thought it might still be a Navy made sea bottom marker a downed space satellite or a fallen WW7 8775 foo fighter After you submit details surrounding your UFO sighting to MUFON a Field Investigator will be assigned to your case to investigate review and follow up To further test the ball 8767 s properties the Betzes rolled it to one another noticing that the sphere veered off its path or in the strangest instances rolled back toward the person who pushed it And Senate intelligence reports reveal that the Pentagon is still on the hunt for UFOs or UAPs Debunkers have suggested that the apparent extreme speed of the aircraft in the videos released in April 7575 could be an optical illusion called parallax
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