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Dynamic Spine Models in Nanaimo


Dynamic Disc Designs' dynamic spine models demonstrate realistic motions to connect both patients and doctors; as well as educators and students. They make sure to provide a real-time look at a spinal motion segment -- communicating the mechanical factors responsible for injury as well as identifying the movements that are most favorable for the best outcomes. Visit to check all of its spine model collection.

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp is a company based in Canada and founded back in 2006. Jerome Fryer BSc DC, the company's founder has always had a keen interest in the subject. Staying abreast of the literature, Jerome noticed how outdated the current modeling state was, and that it was just unhelpful when it came to caring for spine patients. Something had to change. Spine models needed updates. Thus, Dynamic Disc Designs Corp was born.

Rest assured that Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. only makes use of the highest quality materials to generate models that are both beautiful and durable. In addition, they're also interactive, and they make spine education fun.

Each and every model DDD makes is meticulously fashioned and handcrafted in Canada. The individual components of models are imported from the United States. And once again, rest assured that only the best elemental components are used in the production of Dynamic Disc Designs models. They are made to withstand repetitive clinical use.

Dr. Jerome Fryer understands what it's like to be in a clinic. That's why he and his company continues to develop ways to make life easier for spin professionals whenever they're taking care of their spine patients.

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