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Brand positioning is a concept that you want your consumers to think of your product at the end of their minds.  When you create a positioning strategy for your brand, it must be clear, unique, valuable, deliverable, and relevant. An effective plan will contentious distinctiveness and maximize customers' relevancy in delivering brand value and devising its contribution and vision to occupy a notable place in the target market's mind. Here are the examples of Brand Positioning; Tesla, Apple, Dollar Shave Club, Nike, Hubsplot, Jetblue and Chipotle. The position you take in the market and succeeding offers to your audience must represent a sense of importance. The value needs to be express and easily understood. Now, if you are building a brand and you haven't yet identified the position you want to own, it's time to find a strategy room. Remember that any brand's success or failure hinges on the success or failure of the position they take in the market.

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