Medical therapy PCM based products

RUBITHERM® range of therapy products

The RUBITHERM® hot products (cushion, roll, belt, etc.) provide pleasant warmth over an extended period of time.These products are based on a bound PCM in extremely fine form. Finer than sand, the powder stays soft and free-flowing at any temperature, which allows the these products to mould comfortably to fit the body contours.
The components of the latent heat powders are non-toxic. These ecologically harmless materials have no adverse effects on plants, animals or micro-organisms.
Re-heating these products is easy, and requires only a few minutes in a microwave or convection/thermofan oven. The heat absorbed will then be released at a relatively constant temperature level over 1 to 2 hours - depending on the temperature of the environment.
Neck or back band filled with PCM materials
Therapeutic pillow incorporation PCM materials

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