PK compound PCM range

RUBITHERM® PK range of organic and a cross-linked compound blend, latent heat materials

The PK range appearance and consistency are that of a dry compound. It is based on a composition of an organic compound bound within an ecologically friendly cross-linked compound, via the use of a special additive.

This range of latent heat storage materials has a very high content of pure PCM material. One major characteristic is that, depending on the melting temperature of the PCM bound in the RUBITHERM PK, the product is more (low melting PCM's) or less (high melting PCM's) flexible and white in colour when the PCM is in its solid state. When the product is heated up - causing the PCM to melt - the material becomes transparent and very flexible.

PK range of PCM materials
The PK range has a long-life and a stable performance throughout the phase change cycles, and is easy to handle and easy to use.

The materials in this range are non-toxic and non-corrosive, 100% recyclable and thus ecologically friendly.

The fact that the pure PCM material is additive-bound within a cross-linked compound, ensures that the PCM material does not leak out of the supporting structure, even when in the liquid state or in case of physical damage, and it also ensures a low volumetric change with temperature variation.

The potential fields of application of the PK range of PCM materials are the textile industry and consumer markets, such as food and medical transportation.

This range of PCM products will be available in working temperatures of up to 400C. Detailed specifications (PCM product datasheets and Material Safety data) will soon be available at the following link: RUBITHERM® PK. Please note that this link will open into a new window, and will take you directly to the Rubitherm® website.

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